Nuur Halimatus Sa’adiah Binti Masrukhin was born in 5th February 1990. She is commonly known as Halimatus Saadiah or Haleema.  Halimatus Saadiah holds a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) from Trent University, Canada (2013). Then, she received Masters in Islamic Finance from University of Islamic Science, Malaysia in 2017. She earned Ijazah of Reading Al-Quran Al-Karim by Syeikh Nabil Bin Muhammad Bin Muhammad Bin Ali Bin Ahmad (Al-Azhar As-Syarif) in year 2012 and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) for Practitioner Certification by NLP Canada Training Inc. in the same year. She now living in Selangor and already married.She will sharing you in a simple and entertaining way. To her, learning should be easy to comprehend no matter what skill level you are at, and you should have fun doing it.

Due to her interest and passion for business, she builds a few business from start-up ; she started building her own brand since 2014 and now she is the owner and founder at El Haleema Exclusive, which run fashion and clothing business since 2016.

Since study, she has an ambitions towards financial and economics course and she puts her full efforts to master in these courses and she wants to sharing to others. She believes that financial literacy is one of the keys for development either for individual, family and country. Then, due to this reason she started El Haleema Wealth Management & Consultancy, a company with a mission to educate everyone on their personal finances/ family finances so they can have as many opportunities and life options as possible.

Her area of interest includes economics and financial literacy, business start-up, entrepreneurship, women & family, travel & photography.

If you have any question, feel free to send us an email to admin@halimatussaadiah.com or nuur.halimatus.saadiah@gmail.com

If you haven’t felt it yet, Halimatus Saadiah loves to share!

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